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Metamorphic Technique is available on the following dates in 2018

2nd September

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eCALA Metamorphic Technique Icon Restore“…In the practice of The Metamorphic Technique the practitioner uses a light, non-invasive touch on specific areas of the feet, hands and head while at the same time providing a space free from direction towards a particular outcome. In this regard, the founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre, defined the Metamorphic Technique as simply being a practice of detachment. The practitioner does not look to address specific symptoms or problems, nor do they impose their will or seek to direct the recipient’s life in any way. An environment may then emerge in which it is acknowledged that the power and intelligence, already inherent in the person, is the best guiding factor for the unique life of the person.”

(excerpt from ‘about Metamorphic Technique’ on www.metamorphicassociation.org)

This is an opportunity to train in The Metamorphic Technique with one of its most experienced teachers, who trained directly with the founder of the Metamorphic Technique, Gaston Saint-Pierre, organised his seminars in German speaking Switzerland over ten years, is a Trustee in the Metamorphic Association and got involved in the training of teachers after Gaston Saint-Pierre’s passing in 2011.

The Technique is gentle, easy to learn, and accessible to everyone since no special abilities or background is needed. It is a simple yet deep and unique approach to life, which points to the transformation that is always available to us, the movement from who we are to what we can be, and already are in potential. Participants of all professions have reported that Metamorphic Technique training has deeply enriched their views on life and the way they approach both their work and their private lives.

During this week you will learn the practice of the Metamorphic Technique – the light touch on feet, hands, and head. You will explore the Attitude of Detachment, the Principle of Correspondence in depth, and the historical context of the Metamorphic Technique. We look at the prenatal time and birth patterns. This can help us to find an understanding of how the patterns we live our life with came into existence – and how these same patterns contribute to our uniqueness. Through all these explorations we approach the question of what it is that may bring about transformation and how we can contribute. Having a whole week together, there will be plenty of time to practise and share our experiences.

Following this 1 week programme you will immediately be able to offer sessions to family and friends. As this is a certified training, you will also be eligible to apply for Associate Membership of the Metamorphic Association. This learning programme counts as one of the two seminars required to apply for Practitioner Membership.

Pátmos, an island renowned for its own special healing and transformational properties, is a magical place to begin or continue your experience with The Metamorphic Technique.

And of course whilst here, the whole eCALA experience will support your own explorations into transformation, healing and overall well being – massage, meditation and relaxation therapies, as well as snorkelling, kayaking, boat trips and ‘Ted’ type talks.

Metamorphic Technique
eCALA Metamophic Technique
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