“Learn to see the whole, and you start to see the holes”

Being a Systems Thinker
Being a Systems Thinker is available on the following dates in 2018

1st July / 5th August

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Being a Systems Thinker Icon LeadIt might sound a little insulting to hear “Most of us need to re-learn how to Think!”. This week is for those looking for the next big leap in learning and development. It is for the open hearted and minded and a life changing opportunity to learn how to stand back and ‘see’ the whole system of things, to appreciate and understand how all the parts interact with one another, to discover the necessary conditions for things to work as a ‘system’ and address the root causes of challenges and how to take advantage of opportunities.

Led by an IPMS Global ‘systems thinker’, Systems Thinking is contextualised and taught practically through four toolkits over the week:

  1. The Science of Systems Thinking and identifying a constraint/need;
  2. Identifying ‘What to Change’;
  3. Determining ‘What to Change To’; and
  4. Planning ‘How to Cause Change’

The outcome of the week is both a profound new way of thinking and a practical means of applying it.

Please note that to meet the requirements of this learning programme you will need to train for full learning days Monday-Friday. You will therefore need to study through Wednesday afternoon, and, if you want to, join the Wednesday afternoon tour later in the afternoon. You will nonetheless have time to enjoy the whole eCALA experience to support your learning – massage, meditation, kayaking, snorkelling, boat trips, ‘Ted’ type talks and relaxation therapies!

Being a Systems Thinker
Being a Systems Thinker
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