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Being a Master Networker
Being a Social Media Master Networker is available on the following dates in 2018

15th July / 12th August / 2nd September

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Being a Master Networker Icon LeadSocial media has created an explosion of ‘contacts’ and some people live in ‘bubbles’ of constant daily/hourly/by-the-minute ‘send and respond messaging. LinkedIn has become an extension of Facebook as people pour their emotional states onto the pages. Twitter is a collective reaction to ‘big news’ and successful entrepreneurs use Instagram to promote their products brilliantly.

Additionally, entrepreneurs and employed business people attend multiple conferences and events to network and find new contacts, mostly to sell their products or improve their career opportunities, but most do not know how to do this successfully.

This week at eCALA is dedicated to teaching you to understand and to use one or more Social Media channels appropriately and effectively, as well as how to set up and run your own networking events and achieve your business and personal objectives.

Using a series of toolkits that both entice and intrigue attendees, over the week you will learn how to:

  1. Understand and use the major social media channels;
  2. Set up communication strategies and research projects that people want to participate in;
  3. Engage with people who respond to your intended outcome; and
  4. Get the Return on Effort you intended from social media channels and networking events

Led by a ‘real’ social media expert and Google partner, the outcome of the week is a means of driving networking your way and a practical means of applying it.

Please note that to meet the requirements of this learning programme you will need to train for full learning days Monday-Friday. You will therefore need to study through Wednesday afternoon, and, if you want to, join the Wednesday afternoon tour later in the afternoon. You will nonetheless have time to enjoy the whole eCALA experience to support your learning – massage, meditation, kayaking, snorkelling, boat trips, ‘Ted’ type talks and relaxation therapies!

Being a Social Master Networker
Being a Social Master Networker
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