In his book ‘Return to Life Through Contrology’, Joseph Pilates defined Pilates as a way to completely and thoroughly unify the body, mind and spirit. From eCALA’s educational perspective we think of Pilates as Systems Thinking for the Body, Mind and Spirit!… more >

Running Camp

This week is a chance to get together, and run together, with those who already have the love, or who really want it. Having said that, this week is for runners: Pátmos has hills and you need to be able to cover 5kms comfortably, and to have done 10kms…. more >

Sea Explore

Traverse the coast of Pátmos by kayak, paddleboard and with snorkel! Led by a British Canoe Union certified 4 star sea kayak leader, this week will be an experience that reawakens your mental, physical and emotional fitness. You will be amazed… more >


Tai Chi is self mastery of balance. It is ‘slow flow’ – deliberate, technical and repetitive movements to create mindfulness across body, mind and spirit through mastering the principles of relaxation, body upright, separating weight… more >


In this week you will learn the basic steps of Argentine tango and discover the benefits of dancing this beautiful and complex dance for your everyday life. Dive into a week of learning how to connect with yourself and a partner… more >

Walking Paths of Patmos

The earth, the paths, the smell of the flora of Pátmos have generated countless books, poems and stories of Pátmos going back millennia. Guided by Pátmos’ most renowned tour and walking guides, you will follow and explore some of the 14… more >


Deepen your yoga practice in eCALA’s breathtaking settings – under the pines, on the sundeck, in the learning dome, on the beach! Each day Monday-Friday you will enjoy an early morning small group session, which will include… more >