Being a Sales Master

Sales mastery is a science and an art, but first a science. This is a two week certified programme, teaching and coaching you in the methods of becoming a SPRinT Sales Master. It is about the science of selling and the art of applying it… more >

Being a Servant Leader

This week is an outstanding opportunity to learn the principles and practise the methods which develop you into a servant leader. It shifts your thinking away from ‘authority and rank’ to extracting incredible performance through… more >

Being a Systems Thinker

It might sound a little insulting to hear “Most of us need to re-learn how to Think!”. This week is for those looking for the next big leap in learning and development. It is for the open hearted and minded and a life changing opportunity… more >

Being an Innovator

Shatter the myth that innovation is a spontaneous reaction to circumstances and a flash of utter brilliance – spend a week learning how to innovate methodically, so you can do it all the time. Using various case studies, including the eCALA… more >

Being Business Ready

Being Business Ready is a programme that provides you with a whole system to build and deliver a business. It is equally relevant to self employed entrepreneurs as it is to managers in every business in the world. It is a two week certified… more >