…an eco learning village dedicated to Planet not Profit opening on April 27 2020

Your own “Dome away from Home” : two-weeks a year for 5 years

Buy a full-service 5 year dome package and directly contribute to the planet’s future: 
  • Enjoy luxury today whilst preserving tomorrow in a solar powered, green, eco-village of geodesic domes.
  • Everything included in the eCALA Vacations package…PLUS
Full-service means two-weeks a year for 5 years:
  • Your own spacious 30m2 geodesic dome away from home
  • Two weeks taken together or separately at any time of year we are open
  • All meals, snacks and soft drinks provided at our gastronomic delight, Eugene’s Kitchen
  • No price rises for 5 YEARS
  • Invest with a friend or friends to make it incredibly economical
  • Yoga and meditation to the level you wish to experience are included
  • If you cannot come, you can send family, friends or donate it

CLICK the button to read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details


CLICK the button and read the Frequently Asked Questions for more details


Contact us:
Call: +30 2247 031851 or +44 7435 393514
Email: ask@ecalalife.com 

A message from Jacques Marais, founder of eCALA Life

Our pace of life is over-stretching our resources, both personal and environmental. What will we leave behind for future generations, including our own children and grandchildren? I believe that everyone can play a part in striving to find the answer which is why I created eCALA. People come for fun and relaxation and leave better informed and enabled to contribute to the survival of our home planet, Earth, and its future inhabitants. I hope you will join me in striving to fulfil our mission.”

Yes, it is unusual to find this combination of learning in one place. But the best businesses now have well-being and corporate social responsibility firmly on their corporate agendas, yet still with the need to show a profit.

  • eCALA Life’s global mission is to train selected individuals to become Change Leaders assigned to complex projects in: Forestation; Habitation; Energy; Water; Food and Waste
  • Join eCALA Life and help us to directly address these six massive challenges both in your country and across the planet
  • Most of us are concerned with purpose and planet, yet we also want to be financially successful. We also all need to take time out, to breathe and laugh, to care for our health and well being, and to learn the best ways to bring balance to our busy worlds.
  • At eCALA Life these concerns are not mutually exclusive, and we live our belief that we can and must bring balance to Planet – People – Profit. This belief gently underpins all our programmes, as well as the way we have designed eCALA village and the products and services we use.


CLICK the button and read all about your Geodesic Dome including a time-lapse video showing construction.