Vision of eCALA Village: a massive 200m2 amphitheatre surrounded by splendid geodesic domes

There is something special about the eCALA Life village – you will feel the calm and the pulse of life as you walk through the gate. Some say this comes from our 11 working wells, each offering its individual gift of well being; we feel it’s also because Meloi Bay is such a tranquil, heavenly place. Whatever creates this feeling, you will find many private peaceful spaces where you can relax and restore your own wellspring. You will have the best night’s sleep of your life in a village which lives fully for today and looks after tomorrow.

The village centres on our massive 200m2 amphitheatre sunk into the earth, where we greet, gather and learn. Surrounding the amphitheatre are the ypnodomátia – sleeping domes. Geodesic domes are nature’s most beautiful and efficient shape, creating the largest living area within the least surface area. Not only are they energy efficient and disaster proof, the spacious height, wide space and light pouring through your windows give a true sense of being on a different planet. We also have two huge learning domes and decks for outdoor activities as well as a private taverna with multiple terraces. Tucked into the base of a craggy hill, Meloi Bay offers spectacular sunrises and serene swimming. Quiet, protected and peaceful, Meloi is still only a 3 minute drive or 20 minute walk from the bustling port village of Skala, full of shops, cafes and restaurants. Wifi is available throughout the village.

eCALA Village is passionate about our planet and its future. We are at the forefront of learning centre design and construction, aiming for the lowest possible footprint, whilst you experience luxury and service in a completely unique eco-environment. eCALA is also a Learning Village teaching a wide range of programmes including Planet Programmes, which are focused on developing ‘change leaders’ in six key areas of sustainability: Energy; Water; Forestation; Food; Habitation and Waste Management. You will experience a living example of what is possible, right in front of you, as eCALA Village strives to be an example.

Our internationally experienced faculty of teachers run our learning programmes in learning domes, discreetly away from the day to day happenings at our taverna and in the ypnodomátia – sleeping domes. You can book into programme separately to your accommodation, just check online, or ask us to see what is running on the dates you are here.

Ypnodomátia – the Sleeping Domes (My Dome-ain)

Sleeping Dome Arrow

Sleeping Dome IconSitting in its own beautiful garden, your dome away from home is like the enormous bubble from the 2015 film ‘Mars’ – a high ceiling with an enormous bay window curving down to 30m2 of floor space.

Your coco-mat™ bed is probably the best bed you will ever sleep on and we have included everything you need to make you super comfortable. Whether sitting at your desk gazing into the garden, or lying on your beanbag, the peace and tranquility of your space dome will aide your relaxation, learning and development.

If you feel like being a little closer to nature, the Domes sitting on the upper terraces have an external wet-room open to the sky, all come with shower and sink products which are harmless to nature.

The experience of lying in bed at night staring at the stars and watching the moon traverse the Aegean sky is unforgettable.

Details for the techies:

  • 6.29 metres in diameter, 3.85 metres high, 30m2 of floor plus a wonderful outdoor bathroom.
  • Wifi coverage in dome and across the site.
  • A choice of a king size coco-mat™ bed or twin coco-mat™ beds.
  • A desk, bedside tables, lamps, lights, plugs and plenty of storage.
  • Cool flooring, a large pentagonal skylight or bay window and discreet ventilation.
eCALA Sleeping Dome

Didaskalía – the Learning Domes

Learning Dome Arrow
eCALA Therapy Room
Being a Systems Thinker

Learning Dome Icon

Didaskalía means ‘applied-teaching’.

These domes are places you come to learn and are suitable for all types of programmes, whether as sit-down and learn spaces or as therapeutic practice studios. One didaskalía is set aside for our Planet programmes, as a permanent centre for students to keep their work and the team to learn and make their own during their 8 week training programme.

The other can be equipped with tables, chairs, white boards and projectors, or beanbags, therapy tables and yoga mats.

Interiors are spacious, light and cool, yet can also be made dark and more private.

Details for the techies:

  • 9 metres in diameter, 4.5 metres high, 75 square metres of floor.
  • Wifi coverage in dome and across the site.
  • Each didaskalío dome can hold 105 people standing, 70 seated and 32 in classroom style.
  • Cool flooring, a large bay window and multiple ventilation points.

Agora Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre Dome Arrow

The literal meaning of the word Agora is “gathering place” or “assembly”.

In ancient Greece, the Agora was the centre of the athletic, artistic, spiritual and political life of the city, and the Ancient Agora of Athens was the best-known example. Our Agora is an amphitheatre in the heart of our village in every sense, a wellspring of energy and peace.

Our Agora is private to the residents of the village, a place where vacation guests and learning students can relax, groups can meet and some teaching will take place during the year.

On occasion, we will also hold events and celebrations that include the village and the whole island of Patmos.

Details for the techies:

  • 16 metres in diameter spanning 200 square metres.
  • 2 tiers of seating and a grass covered centre.
  • Seating for 200+ people.
eCALA Amphitheatre
eCALA Bedroom Dome

The Village of Eleven Wells

eCALA Village has 11 working wells. Each well has been completely rebuilt and is used to feed the flora.

Starting at the entrance gate, the wells stretch the length of the village and each has a name: Love; Service; Learning; Joy; Pain; Gratitude; Truth; Passion; Health; Humility and Wisdom. You are welcome to wander the wells and reflect as you sit on their walls.

Details for the techies:

  • Traditional Pátmos stone construction.
  • All wells are interconnected and feed each other.
  • Water source is natural ground water from the hills into our water table.
  • We are always cautious not to over-use so that sea water does not enter the water table.