eCALA Life welcomes you to Breathe, Laugh, Learn.

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All Learning Programmes are taught in English though languages spoken by our teachers include Dutch, German, Greek, French, Italian, Polish and Russian. Typically, programme class sizes are small with up to 9 people on Restore, Move and Create programmes and a maximum of 16 for the Lead programmes. You will spend at least 15 hours per week learning with the group and you will also have at least two 1-1s. Some Learning Programmes require more group time. This is noted on the individual Learning Programme pages.

Being a Sales Master

Sales mastery is a science and an art, but first a science. This is a two week certified programme, teaching and coaching you in the methods of becoming a SPRinT Sales Master. It is about the science of selling and the art of applying it… more >

Being a Servant Leader

This week is an outstanding opportunity to learn the principles and practise the methods which develop you into a servant leader. It shifts your thinking away from ‘authority and rank’ to extracting incredible performance through… more >

Being a Systems Thinker

It might sound a little insulting to hear “Most of us need to re-learn how to Think!”. This week is for those looking for the next big leap in learning and development. It is for the open hearted and minded and a life changing opportunity… more >

Being an Innovator

Shatter the myth that innovation is a spontaneous reaction to circumstances and a flash of utter brilliance – spend a week learning how to innovate methodically, so you can do it all the time. Using various case studies, including the eCALA… more >

Being Business Ready

Being Business Ready is a programme that provides you with a whole system to build and deliver a business. It is equally relevant to self employed entrepreneurs as it is to managers in every business in the world. It is a two week certified… more >

Breathwork and Meditation

This will be a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating week. By the end of it you will have mastered a range of simple yet profound breathing practices. You will leave with the ability to call at any time on the power of your breath to improve your inner state… more >


Facilitated by one of Greece’s leading ceramicists and ceramics instructors, this two week introduction to clay work will teach you the skills of ceramic techniques and give you the inspiration to use them as a means for self expression… more >


Led by a Royal Academy trained artist and art teacher, this learning programme will introduce you to drawing as a practice of inner and outer connection. During the course of the week, you will explore fundamental principles… more >

Fiction Writing

Pátmos island has long been a retreat for artists, and you too will find here an inspirational setting in which to develop your fiction writing skills and stimulate your creativity. Experiential exercises in this stunning physical environment… more >

Heart Rhythm Meditation

This 1 week programme will provide a level 1 certification from the Milne Institute. You will train with a teacher who has studied with and assisted Hugh Milne, world-renowned craniosacral teacher, osteopath and author of ‘The Heart of Listening’… more >

Metamorphic Technique

This is an opportunity to train in the Metamorphic Technique with one of its most experienced trainers, who also trains Metamorphic Technique teachers. A Trustee of the Metamorphic Technique Association, she trained directly with founder… more >