Your Contract

Your contract is with eCALA Life (eCALA), Meloi Bay, Patmos, 85500, Greece


eCALA Life village has a maximum occupancy of 48 people, and any programme has a maximum capacity of 24 people. We do therefore require payment in full at time of booking to secure your place.

Changes and Cancellations by You

  • Please make requests for changes or cancellation in writing.
  • You can change your learning programme anytime up until arrival, provided it would not cause that programme to exceed its maximum number.
  • You can change the start date of your stay to another available date within the same year, anytime up to 30 days before you arrive. For changes within 30 days of the start date of your stay, please contact us – we give no guarantees but will do our best to ensure you can still enjoy an eCALA experience.
  • You can cancel with a full refund up to 90 days before your learning programme begins.
  • You can cancel with a 50% refund 60-90 days before your learning programme begins.
  • If you cancel within 60 days of your learning programme beginning, no refund is available, but you may be able to change the date of your stay – see above.

Changes and Cancellations by Us

  • Our website and other information is kept up to date and we guarantee that the information on it is accurate at the time of publishing.
  • If facilities become unavailable due to mechanical faults, damage, weather conditions, civil unrest or “Acts of God”, or learning programmes become affected by teacher unavailability, we will always aim to find equivalent alternatives. We reserve the right to make any changes as necessary, and we do not accept liability for any changes.
  • If in the unlikely event we have to cancel your accommodation and/or learning programme before you arrive, we will offer you a full refund or, where possible, to transfer dates or learning programmes. We do not accept liability for other losses that you might incur if we cancel due to events beyond our control – please make sure your travel insurance policy covers such events and contingent losses.
  • We reserve the right refuse a booking and will refund in full immediately.

Other Responsibilities in the Event of Events

Please make sure you have robust travel insurance in place – see below – as we do not accept responsibility for any losses or costs resulting from any and all events beyond our control. This includes you making sure your travel insurance covers any medical conditions that develop during or after and linked to your stay at eCALA; as well as any loss or theft of or damage to your personal property; as we do not accept responsibility in any of these cases either.


For residents of the EU, we recommend that you apply for and travel with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which is free to apply for.

It is a condition of booking that you have travel insurance, which amongst other things already stated (including medical conditions, loss, theft and damage), includes full cover for loss caused by changes, delays and cancellations made by travel agents, airlines, shipping companies or eCALA. eCALA accepts no responsibility for these losses.

Even if you have an EHIC card, we recommend full medical cover. It is your responsibility to disclose, according to the insurer’s requirements, any activities that you will take part in at eCALA, which may involve greater risk e.g. kayaking excursions, parkour.

Please notify us in advance of the details of your travel insurance, or bring details of your insurance with you, so that in the event of emergency we can help you in the best way, immediately.


In booking a learning programme, you are agreeing that your physical and mental health is robust enough to complete the learning programme for which you have booked. If you have a disability or health condition that may affect your ability to take part in a learning programme, or might affect others’ ability to comfortably take part in a learning programme, you agree to disclose this at the time of booking, so that we can ensure you and others are able to enjoy the eCALA experience as intended. We reserve the right to cancel your stay at eCALA, with full refund if in our reasonable subjective opinion it is not suitable for you to come to eCALA at this time.

Responsible Drinking and Behaviour

eCALA is primarily a learning centre. We are not a party venue and it is a condition of your booking that you are not intending to come to eCALA with a group to celebrate a particular event such as a stag or hens’ party i.e. where your primary purpose is to party, rather than to attend a learning programme. It is also a condition of your booking that you agree to drink alcohol responsibly, and behave appropriately and respectfully toward others you meet at eCALA and on Patmos generally.

We reserve the right to cancel your stay at eCALA if in our reasonable subjective opinion your drinking or behaviour is affecting others’ safety, enjoyment or learning at eCALA. If we cancel your stay under this clause you are not entitled to any refund.