Our background is 22 years in adult education and hospitality and eCALA Village is a project intended to create huge amounts of learning, laughter and life.

For those who like to read, each tab on the website sets out our offer to those here for leisure or learning.

For those who like to watch, we have a video series which will tell the story of our journey through 2019 as we make ready to open on April 27 2020.

eCALA Life Village and the island of Pátmos

….a series of videos starting April 2019, running to our opening on April 27 2020. We will feature the building of the village and show you the island before your arrive.


Build a Dome

Dome 1 - Config

Dome 2 - Config

eCALA Life and the Planet Warrior

….a series of videos starting April 2019 and running through to our opening on April 27 2020. We will set out the WHY WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHERE and WHEN of the subject.

Planet Warrior 1

Planet Warrior 2

Planet Warrior 3

Planet Warrior 4

Where it all began – Integrated Performance Management Systems (IPMS Global)

We were the 1st leadership training business to offer complete ‘systems thinking’ to every level of leader from supervisor to CEO. Integration of the management system without any software – just what’s in your heart and head.

IPMS was created in 1998 and continues to run leadership programmes in 2019. Regarded by customers as leading edge because we develop the whole individual, the whole being. Over 20 years IPMS Global has developed and maintained a first class reputation and pedigree. We work with a faculty of Master Trainers, all highly successful individuals in their own rights, who have chosen to be part of the IPMS international faculty.

See www.ipmsglobal.com – Programmes tab

In hospitality, IPMS acquired the Gresham Court Hotel in 1999.

We restored a crumbling 1850 Victorian hotel to its former splendour and glory. Offering 34 club-class bedrooms, a library, boardroom and conference rooms, fibre optic wifi and PC’s in every bedroom, it was the first state-of-the-art business class hotel in the UK. We owned the business, trained every member of staff in the style of Ed Mady, former GM of the Ritz Carlton, San Francisco and ran the business as an example of world class hospitality. We have taken the same approach with our eCALA team at eCALA Life.

Gresham Court

The eCALA Life team

All handpicked individuals and IPMS trained our team is experienced, confident and capable.

We have an impressive staff to customer ratio of 1:3 – as compared to 1:4 in most 5* hotels, so there is always a team member around. On site at eCALA staff are uniformed so you can easily identify us.

We practise the philosophy of ‘servant leadership’, meaning each of us is enabled to support and make decisions on every aspect of your experience. Our service is easy, simple and without unnecessary hierarchy, so we can cater for your needs without hindrance. That means that while we each have individual responsibilities, the person you make a request of; will be the person who oversees the delivery of your request.

Our team’s mantra is respectfully adopted from Ed Mady, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”, which encourages a culture of mutual respect and excellence in service.

Creator of eCALA: Jacques Marais

I was lucky enough to start my working life with absolutely nothing – just me, a suitcase and the world ahead of me. I have always loved solving problems and seeing what is possible not what is impossible: as impossible just means I chose the incorrect path at that time. I am the perpetual student with a passion for how people think, decide and act. I am a lover of systems thinking, Socratic questioning and not knowing the answer. I prefer to be delightfully surprised when the correct answer materialises.

My corporate career included setting up and running sales forces, training multitudes of sales and operations managers; implementing huge change projects and running ever growing retail teams and regions. I worked in big corporate environments and was part of the machine until one day my boss, the CEO, shared these immortal words:

“One day you’ll be me and you’ll be 50+. You will discover that you’ve reached the top of the ladder but it’s against the wrong wall… be very careful with just climbing to the top.”
I quit that day.

When I set up my own business, IPMS Global, I retrained in Goldratt systems thinking and business process engineering at the AGI Goldratt Centre in New Haven USA. Today I am still learning and all my experiences have helped me to design leadership toolkits, programmes and eCALA in a manner that enables our students to change their worlds and influence positive change around them.

IPMS Moral Compass

Our ethos and learning philosophy

The Moral Compass is a much used term these days but it originates over 6,000 years ago,  first described in the iChing (the Chinese Book of Change) as the Circle of Integrity, used to guide our personal journey through life.

Our ethos is ‘breathe, laugh, learn’. Without learning we will not resolve, solve or evolve. We are equally as passionate about the whole BEING – finding space and time to breathe as well as room to laugh with no inhibitions. These three elements of the ethos exist simultaneously in all we do from within our team, to everything we teach and host at eCALA Life.

Our learning philosophy is ‘planet, people, profit’, which infers a direct and conscious awareness of the consequences and implications of everything we decide, do and repeat. Without preaching, we gently raise awareness through everything we decide, do and repeat at eCALA. We are conscious that we do not need to litter the world with concrete or empty plastic bottles or build sewerage systems that contaminate the water table.

You, the student, and your learning

      • Stressed out, no time to think or breathe, let alone laugh?
      • Want to learn a new skill or deepen a current practice, but life leaves you with no time and energy after work or at weekends?
      • Have specific areas you want to develop and improve in your business and/or as a leader?
      • Not really a sitting around on holiday kind of person?
      • Remember when you used to exercise/create/sing/write more? And laugh and breathe more deeply? Need to get back to that?
      • Or just need some sun, time out or TLC?
      • Like the idea of the company of other (normal!) people but without the superficial shades of hippy?

Our guests include those with specific skills-building goals, and those on a purposeful yet peaceful well being holiday. We welcome people paying for themselves, and those who are corporate sponsored whether onto our leadership and management programmes or our personal well being programmes.

Tell us what you need from eCALA Life! That’s what we’re all about.

eCALA Student