Welcome to eCALA Life

where learning lives with laughter

A unique learning centre set in a beautiful village of 11 working wells and 29 incredible geodesic domes, centred around a majestic amphitheatre.

eCALA is a place where the calm embraces you; where you can hear the waves and look out over the water. It creates an appetite satisfied through learning programmes led by best-in-field teachers, and food prepared by our masterful chefs.

So… all you need to decide is how you will use the all-inclusive extra pleasures that are part of your eCALA experience: the 1:1 tuition; the business master classes; guided walks, kayaking; snorkelling; massages and relaxation therapies.

Add to this unlimited water, beer and wine, tours of Pátmos and the boat trips to neighbouring islands… and it’s just pure joy.

In any one week our guests are an eclectic mix of Tango Dancers and Business People, Yogis and Ceramicists, Runners and Singers… it’s a fusion of learning programmes and people of all persuasions who want to learn and have fun.

eCALA Village

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eCALA Mediatation

eCALA combines incredible learning with a perfect setting right on the sea… a place to breathe, laugh, learn.

Pátmos was chosen as the home of eCALA Life as it is the home of its creator. It is where we live and therefore it feels less of a business and more like inviting you to share this paradise. We love it because of its incredible peacefulness and isolation.

The extra step in getting to Pátmos plus having no airport was a big part of choosing it as the location for eCALA Life. It also means visitors to our island are here for a specific reason and are always very interesting people to meet.

We are blessed to have very little activity in Meloi Bay other than visitors to the beach in the daytime. We have virtually zero noise at night, other than the sound of waves lapping and occasional laughter from yachts moored for the night.

Sleep is so important when you are learning and once inside your geodesic dome you will sink into a delicious bed and fall asleep under the stars dancing through your skylight.