Welcome to eCALA Life Village

Opening on April 27 2020, we are both a vacation centre and a teaching centre.
We offer unique geodesic camping vacations in July & August.
We teach April to June and again September to November.

Set on the idyllic Greek island of Pátmos, eCALA Life invites you to breathe, laugh, learn

eCALA Life Village is an example of how perfectly possible it is to live life fully whilst ensuring there is a future for those who follow on after us.  Whatever your purpose is for being here – leisure or learning – please come and experience eCALA and leave knowing you have positively contributed to the planet’s future.



eCALA is a place where you are surrounded by nature and its forces. Your senses are heightened, you can truly breathe and attain what Epicurus called the state of ataraxia, meaning tranquillity, which creates a natural openness to learning, change and growth.

We run eCALA as (1) a teaching centre April to June and September to November (2) a geodesic holiday centre in July and August.

The village ethos is inclusivity and accommodation for all and the learning ethos is from Socrates and his discipline of socratic questioning which enables the student to be in a state of constant exploration, understanding and construction and to avoid sitting in judgement. Our 21 years of educating leaders all over this planet will aid this establishment of the ethos.

Eugenes Kitchen at eCALA

Eugene’s kitchen…

…is all about plant-based cooking and providing you with a harvest festival of goodness. We add everything else that personally tickles your taste buds, from fungus to fish and fillet.
We all know about the head brain but few of us know about the gut brain; which is vital to your health, physically, mentally and spiritually. The gut brain is incredibly well-documented and it absolutely craves good food.
Good food is medicine; good food is fuel. Good food determines how well you look, feel, think, focus and sleep. Good food creates and extends a healthy life. Good food brings joy to life and strengthens us for the changes that lie ahead because we all face many crossroads in life. While circumstances might seem daunting, being healthy and happy are huge allies to successful change and personal growth.

eCALA Dome
eCALA Dome Interior
eCALA Dome Interior
eCALA Dome Interior

eCALA combines incredible learning with a perfect setting right on the sea… a place to breathe, laugh, learn.

Pátmos was chosen as the home of eCALA Life as it is the home of its creator. It is where we live and therefore feels more like inviting you to share this home paradise. We love it because of its incredible peacefulness and isolation.

A big part of choosing Patmos as the location for eCALA was the fact it has no airport. It means visitors to our island are here for a very specific reason so are always interesting people to meet.

We are blessed to have very little activity in Meloi Bay other than visitors to the beach in the daytime. We have virtually zero noise at night, other than the sound of waves lapping and occasional laughter from yachts moored in the bay.

Sleep is incredibly important when you are learning and growing. Once inside your geodesic dome you will sink into a sumptuous bed and fall asleep under the stars.